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The Series 600 - For Diesel Powered
Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs)


 The Series 600 is designed specifically for Trailers equipped with diesel powered TRUs that transport perishible goods. 

It normally bolts to the front of the trailer, just below the TRU.

The installation takes less than 3 hours. There are no modifications to the engine or the engine's settings.

The Series 600, like all HPS products, is built from only the most durable and dependable of materials: Specially prepared components, American designed and manufactured electronic controls, fittings, hoses and bolts. A variety of enclosures are available to suit different size and attachment requirements.

The unit shown on the right weighs about 80 pounds, measures 18" tall by 16" wide by 18" deep. and is designed to bolt on like any tool or utility box.

The Series 600's unique design is ultra simple. It contains no moving parts, pumps or failure prone contraptions. Rugged and  practical, It will provide a quick ROI and dependable performance year after year.










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