Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion Systems that Reduce Fuel Expense and Maintenance for Trucks, Autos, Boats and Generators.

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The Series 300 - For large diesel trucks, off-road equipment and farm equipment with engines in
the 5 to 16 liter range of engine displacement.
Also fits motor yachts, tug boats and fishing boats.

(Bolted to the side of the chassis or other locations on the equipment)

   The Series 300 Hydrogen-On-Demand Systems are fine examples of American Industrial Art: Practical, rugged and robust,
Bolts to frame Installs in 4 hours Easily moved Dimensions Vary.

The Model 301 is for engines in the 5 to 7 liter range.

Model 302 for engines in the 8 to 16 liter range.

All Systems are built using the most durable of materials and industrial grade components, American designed and manufactured electronic controls, fittings, hoses and bolts.

The lockable swing out door provides complete access for easy maintenance and inspection.

The unit shown on the right is the Model 302. It weighs about 45 pounds, measures 19" tall by 17" wide by 11" deep and is designed to bolt onto the side of a truck like any tool or utility box.


Do you need a particular size or color scheme?  Not A Problem! We can deliver the size, shape and color to your specifications.

The Series 300 is unique and ultra simple. Rugged and practical, It will provide a quick ROI and dependable performance year after year.



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