Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion Systems that Reduce Fuel Expense and Maintenance for Trucks, Autos, Boats and Generators.

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The Series 200 - For heavy duty pickups, delivery vans, school buses and motorhomes with engines in the 4 to 7 liter range. Also fits motor yachts, tug boats and fishing boats.

The Series 200 is calibrated to match the requirements of the larger truck or toy hauler. It installs in the truck bed on the side of trucks or behind the driver seat if space allows.

The Series 200 Hydrogen Generator is matched to a vehicle's specifications, and improve fuel economy while reducing harmful "other things".

Diesel trucks like the Ford Powerstroke and the Chevy Duramax will experience improved mileage and "other things".. Fuel savings of 15% and more are common.

Is your RV gathering dust because it's to expensive to operate?  Bring fuel costs down with a Series 200 HPS Hydrogen Generator.

Extend the crusing range of your fishing boat, tug boat or motor yacht with the Series 200. Small and compact, it installs easily in less than three hours.










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