Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion Systems that Reduce Fuel Expense and Maintenance for Trucks, Autos, Boats and Generators.

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The Series 100 - For vehicles between
1 and 7 Liters of Engine Displacement

Prefabricated modular systems designed for permanent installation onto privately owned cars and trucks, small motor boats and small construction equipment.

(Installed in or near engine the compartment)


Even small cars and trucks can benefit from our Series 100 Hydrogen Generators. Series 100 components typically weigh less than 30 pounds .

The Series 100 installs near the engine: under the head lamp assembly or other empty spaces near the engine compartment.


  HPS Systems are matched to each vehicle's specifications, and come with a money back guarantee to improve fuel economy and reduce engine wear and "other things".





. Small trucks gain more torque as the HPS system wrings more energy from your gasoline. More eneregy means more power and "other things".


The Series 100 has four components that fit in the wheel well, beneath the headlights and other small spaces in or near the engine compartment:


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