Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion Systems that Reduce Fuel Expense and Maintenance for Trucks, Autos, Boats and Generators.

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 Federal and State Tax Incentives


At present there no longer appears to be a full tax credit for Hydrogen Injection Systems because in 2012 the IRS changed Form 8910 to a more restricted interpretation of "Alternative Fueled Vehicle"

However there still remain tax deductions and equipment depreciation programs at the federal and state level. We recommend each customer consult their own tax advisor to determine the tax advantages in purchasing our system.

California and other states have many programs in place to encourage retrofitting existing vehicles, for example:

Here are other related sites of interest:





The Federal Government actively promotes Hydrogen technology research: http://www.hydrogen.gov/


NOTE: The data provided on this page is NOT a guarantee that you will qualify for tax credits or incentives and is NOT to be construed as tax advice.  Only you and your tax advisor can  determine if you personally qualify and are eligible for these items. Hydrogen Power Systems will provide you with Proof of Purchase & Installation documentation required by  the IRS. You and your tax advisor are then responsible for preparing and filing the necessary forms to the IRS.


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