Hydrogen Enhanced Combustion Systems that Reduce Fuel Expense and Maintenance for Trucks, Autos, Boats and Generators.

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Management Team 





  • Our founder's interest in Hydrogen fuel began 30 years ago during the initial gas shortages, 1973-75. He was intrigued that Hydrogen technology might reduce our dependence on foreign oil.
  • Over time he read dozens of patents, studied the literature and papers published by governments, research firms, individual inventors and yes, even crackpots.
  • Recently he determined that the "Green Revolution" and other factors (pollution, global warming, fuel costs, government incentives) made it feasible to bring a small class of  fully assembled Hydrogen-based products to market in a safe, practical and profitable manner.
  • While the technology we employ is definitely leading edge, it is not "bleeding edge". It is innovative but not crazy. It works as advertised.
  •  If you are interested in learning more about the technology and components used in our products, please contact our founder Richard Connors at Info@HpsTech.com.


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