Hawthorne Becomes First Installer of Hydrogen Power Systems' Fuel-Saving HVI System

A subsidiary of Hawthorne Machinery Co., a San Diego-based Caterpillar dealer, has agreed to become the first certified dealer and installer of Hydrogen Power System’s fuel-saving, on-demand Hydrogen Vapor Injection (HVI) systems.

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“In addition to meeting strict regulatory standards in California, our on-demand hydrogen system is attracting global attention from potential users and distributors,” said HPS President Richard Connors.

Escondido, CA (PRWEB) January 20, 2014

“We have installed a few (HPS HVI systems) on our own fleet and are happy with them,” said Bruce Hartman, general service manager for Hawthorne Power Systems. “We will administer the warranty, field technical questions from customers and do the actual installation.”

As part of the agreement, Hawthorne Power Systems has agreed to promote HPS series 200 and 300 systems to their own local customers as well as other Caterpillar dealers.

“This partnership is an extremely exciting one for HPS,” said Richard Connors, HPS president and founder. “Not only does this alliance give us access to a top rate installer, it opens a huge door to the marine market since a majority of Hawthorne’s sales come from operators of large ships and diesel-electric generators used to provide power on Pacific islands.”

Hawthorne also announced plans to equip 10 of its delivery vehicles with the HVI systems, which produced fuel savings ranging from 4 percent to 35 percent. Results depended on loads, traffic conditions and the type of driving. The best results – improvements of 20 percent to 35 percent -- were reported by heavy duty vehicles such as trash trucks and shuttle buses that are subject to fuel-robbing start-and-stop driving conditions.

“When you are talking about $4 to $5 a gallon for fuel, even a 4 percent improvement looks pretty good,” said Hawthorne executive Clyde Marion.

Hawthorne is one of the largest of about 50 Caterpillar dealerships in North America, with a territory that includes San Diego County, Hawaii, Guam, Saipan and America Samoa.

HPS and its innovative hydrogen generation system will be featured on KUSI TV Channel 51 San Diego in a segment hosted by transportation reporter Dave Stall on Jan. 26 at 8 a.m.

HPS is testing its system on three Nevada-based vehicles owned by Belt Transport Inc., which operates 100 DHL delivery and courier trucks in three states.

Last fall California Air Resources Board approved HPS’ modular hydrogen injection systems for sale in the state. So far, the hydrogen injection system has resulted in:
1.    Improved fuel economy. Depending on the engine, load and the application, fuel savings can range from 4 percent to 35 percent.
2.    Less carbon build up on the valve stems and piston rings, which means less wear and longer engine life.
3.    Cleaner engine oil because there is less unburned fuel and carbon leaking past the rings into the crankcase.
4.    More complete burn of diesel fuel causing the engine to run cleaner. Modest gains in horsepower and torque

“In addition to meeting strict regulatory standards in California, our on-demand hydrogen system is attracting global attention from potential users and distributors,” said Connors. “Applications range from large and small domestic diesel trucks to pleasure and charter boats to South American road graders and back hoes.”

HPS is an innovative startup company that has enhanced existing technologies to allow commercial truckers and heavy equipment operators to reduce fuel costs and meet stringent pollution standards with equipment already in service. Ultimately the company will build a separate line of hydrogen injection products for personal vehicles.

For more information contact:
Richard Connors
Hydrogen Power Systems, Inc.
http://www.Hpstech.com, Info(at)HpsTech(dot)com
(855) 477-1776


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